About Us

The Cat House Rescue

The rescue was founded in June 2021. After the lockdown restrictions gradually started to lift after the COVID pandemic, we saw a huge increase in the amount of cats being abandoned. This was in West Yorkshire, an area that struggled to keep up with the overwhelming number of abandoned cats and irresponsible breeding long before COVID came along.

Out of every 10 cats rescued from the streets we find nine of them are male. Male cats are far more likely to be abandoned than females and sadly many people don’t realise the importance of neutering them, so they often wander far from home looking for females and get lost and forgotten. It’s also much easier to find rescue space for females and kittens because more people want to foster kittens than adults and it’s very difficult to find foster homes for un neutered males because of the smell. Even when you can find a fostered willing to take an un neutered male, rescues are often forced to push them down the waiting list to prioritise mums and kittens. When space is limited this is an understandable decision. Kittens are more vulnerable and if mum is not rescued and spayed there would be 100s more! But sadly it still leaves the boys behind.

For this reason we decided to focus on rescuing male street cats. While we do rescue the mums and babies when we come across them, we often are able to move them onto other fantastic rescues so we can focus on the boys.

We take great pride in the high level of care the cats receive. Cats are either kept in the fosters home or in individual heated cat cabins with an exercise run, sleeping quarters and plenty of enrichment. All cats are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, given flea and worm treatment and have had a full health check by the vet before leaving us. If a cats history is unknown and they have come in off the street un neutered they will be tested for FIV/ FELV.