If you would like more information or to arrange a visit with any of our cats then please fill out the adoption enquiry form here.

All cats are health checked by our vets, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, treated for flea and worm treatment and come with 5 weeks free pet insurance from Agria. All males are routinely tested for FIV/ FELV and if positive it will be stated on their description.
*PLEASE NOTE: Due to a national shortage of vaccinations cats will be adopted with a vaccination agreement requiring you take the cat to the vets as soon as supplies of vaccinations are available. This is expected to be in January 2022.

Our adoption fee is £80 for cats and £100 for kittens. It actually costs us £157 per cat in basic veterinary care costs required to get the cat ready for adoption. This doesn’t even include the additional cost of food, litter or treatment for illness and injuries that most of them arrive with which can cost an additional £100-1,000 upwards per cat. Your adoption fee will go towards helping us recover some of those costs so we can go on to help the next cat in need.


Hi there I’m Aslan. I came here after living on the streets for years. When I was picked up it wasnt certain I would survive. I have had a very hard life. When I arrived I had a very bad eye infection, my teeth were rotting and falling out, i had a head wound, bites and scratches, I was so achy I could hardly move, I had FIV and was feeling horrible. Fortunately the vets and my foster mum put me back together. I had a dental where they took all but 2 teeth out, they got me neutered and microchipped and I was given lots of medicine to make me feel better. I feel loads better now. My eye is slightly damaged in one eye and it may never recover but I can get around just fine and it doesnt bother me. I have FIV which just means my immune system attacks itself but there is no reason I can’t live a long and happy life.

I’m a big giant softie who loves people and food. My picture is not great because I’m always rubbing round my foster mums legs. I am told I will need to work on my modeling skills.

I can get scared by sudden noises and it I’m scared I swipe with a paw and sometimes if you stand and tower over me I cower and shake because I was kicked in my old life. I will need an experienced owner who isnt going to panic over the slightest thing. If youre frightened of a few scratches I’m not for you, im not nasty I’m just traumatised. I need a quiet, child free home with someone whos tough like me.

Once you gain my trust I know I will thrive. I really am a lovely boy who loves people despite all I have neem through. I absolutely love food, if it’s edible I will have it. Sometimes I even turn my head up at the packet to catch it coming out. Foster mum says I have bad table manners but I don’t care, I love my food. Especially Dreamies. I love the Dreamies.

If you would like to know more about me please fill out the adoption enquiry form. And if you would like to know more about FIV please read here

LENNOX (reserved)

Hi everyone I’m Lennox. I came here after I was found living as a stray. I had ear mites so bad, they itched so much and I ended up scratching my ears raw. On top of all that I had cat flu too. Fortunately The Cat House Rescue heard about me and saved me. They took me to the vets and treated my ears and made me all better again.

I’m about 3 years old and I am super friendly. I just love people so much. When my foster mum comes to see me I get so excited I go round and round in circles. I am super affectionate and will want to be near you all the time. I love to play with you too, especially if it has catnip in it.

I’m a special cat because I have FIV. But don’t worry you can’t catch it and there is no reason I can’t live a long and happy life the same as any other cat. As an FIV boy I have an immune system that attacks itself. It sounds scary but I am not worried, it attacks it very slowly and it doesn’t bother me. Sadly cats like me often get put to sleep because nobody wants us. Fortunately The Cat House disagree and they said they will look after for me as long as it takes. Not all cats are as lucky.

If you would like to know more about me please fill out the adoption enquiry form. And if you would like to know more about FIV please read here

LILITH AND GARETH (available after 15th December)

Hi everyone, I’m Gareth and this is my little step sister Lilith. I’m about 5-6 months old and Lilith is about 4 months. We were rescued by our foster family after our owner moved and abandoned us. We are both cheeky little kittens but I’m the friendliest and love my cuddles. Lilith is friendly too but she likes to take a bit more time to warm up than me but she is super lovely too. Now, onto our requirements. We do need to be homed together and preferably as indoor cats or with a catio or pet fencing. But if you live in a really safe area far away from any roads that would be ok too. We are fine with other children and cats and are young enough to adapt to a dog if introduced slowly. We really are the best pair and we would give you so much love and fun if you could give us a forever home. However, please keep in mind we are not a Christmas present.

If you could give us a home please fill out the adoption enquiry form but please keep in mind we will not be available for another few weeks as we need to be neutered, chipped and vaccinated before we can go.