If you would like more information or to arrange a visit with any of our cats then please fill out the adoption enquiry form here.

All cats are health checked by our vets, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, treated for flea and worm treatment and come with 5 weeks free pet insurance from Agria.

Our adoption fee is £80 for cats and £100 for kittens. It costs us £219-£239 per cat in basic veterinary care costs (flea treatment, worm treatment, vaccinations, neuter and microchip) required to get a cat ready for adoption. This doesn’t even include the additional cost of food, litter or treatment for illness and injuries. We are a non profit rescue so ALL of your adoption fee will go towards helping us recover some of those costs so we can go on to help the next cat in need.

Please be aware that we do not home cats on busy or main roads. We are open minded about homing cats with cat friendly dogs. We find that as long as introductions are done carefully & gradually then it’s not an issue. In the rare case a cat cannot be homed with a dog due to a bad history with dogs then it will be stated in their description. We are also open minded about homing cats with children. This includes children with additional needs.

If you think you could give these gorgeous cats a home please fill in the adoption enquiry form

POPEYE (reserved)

It’s your lucky day! Our big, beautiful & all round wonderful softie is finally ready for adoption. He’s had a successful Entropion surgery to correct the eyelashes going in & scratching his eye. This is what was causing him to get repeated eye infections.

He’s still got both eyes! He can see perfectly well & there’s no reason to think he’ll have any problems in the future.

He’s now a new man & has started his vaccinations.
Popeye is approximately 7-8 years old. He’s the most friendliest cat on the planet. Loves everyone he meets including the vet yesterday. He’s not picky & will be anyones BFF for life. Especially if they bring food! Popeye loves his grub.

He hates other cats, he will definitely need to be the king of his own castle. He will need access to the outdoors when he’s ready so a safe garden is a must. No main or busy roads.

If you could give this handsome man a home please fill out the adoption enquiry form.

I will share some more up to date pics. Problem is he keeps shoving his head on the camera so it very hard to photograph.


Meet Kavu. This big handsome boy is a gentle giant. He’s so friendly & is an all round wonderful cat. Kavu came here after his owners could no longer care for him. He’s 5 years old (6 in July). He’s good with children & would be fine with other cats or dogs given the right intros. He will need access to a safe garden when he’s ready. If you think you could give this boy a home then please get in touch.


Say hello to Midnight. This beautiful princess came in after being found in a garden with her kittens. Sadly all her new borns had died. Fortunately, Midnight was brought to us & has now been spayed. She is loving her home comforts in her foster home & is an absolute sweetheart. She’s approximately 1 year old, maybe a bit younger. She will need a home with access to a safe garden when she is ready. Ideally, Midnight would like to be an only cat but could live with another cat with gradual introductions. If you think you could give this princess the life she deserves please fill out an adoption enquiry form.


Meet Benny. He is the SWEETEST boy & is like a chubby cheeked teddy bear! We love him to bits here! He loves a good fuss & insists upon a tickle before he’ll eat his food. He loves head scratches & will roll over, turn upside down & reach his paws out for more. He also loves to chase flies! He will run up & down having a crazy 5 minute zoomies session. We believe he’s approximately 8-9 years old. He has been FIV/ FELV tested & came back as NEGATIVE for both.


Meet Loki & Ludo. This gorgeous pair came into rescue after their owner passed away. Loki is 3 & Ludo is 6. They are a bonded pair so are looking for a home together but unfortunately keep getting overlooked. They are lovely, friendly cats who love a lap cuddle & attention. If you’re looking for a pair of companions these are your boys. They are looking for a quiet home with access to the outdoors when they are ready. If you could give these 2 a second chance at their forever home please fill out the adoption enquiry form.