If you would like more information or to arrange a visit with any of our cats then please fill out the adoption enquiry form here.

All cats are health checked by our vets, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, treated for flea and worm treatment and come with 5 weeks free pet insurance from Agria.

Our adoption fee is £80 for cats and £100 for kittens. It costs us £219-£239 per cat in basic veterinary care costs (flea treatment, worm treatment, vaccinations, neuter and microchip) required to get a cat ready for adoption. This doesn’t even include the additional cost of food, litter or treatment for illness and injuries. We are a non profit rescue so ALL of your adoption fee will go towards helping us recover some of those costs so we can go on to help the next cat in need.

Please be aware that we do not home cats on busy or main roads. We are open minded about homing cats with cat friendly dogs. We find that as long as introductions are done carefully & gradually then it’s not an issue. In the rare case a cat cannot be homed with a dog due to a bad history with dogs then it will be stated in their description. We are also open minded about homing cats with children. This includes children with additional needs.

If you think you could give these gorgeous cats a home please fill in the adoption enquiry form


Meet Stefan. He is 2 years old and is a gentle giant. Stefan had a tough life before coming here but despite that he’s a sweetheart who loves his fuss, strokes, food, catnip toys and radiator. That’s all he wants from life. Stefan will need access to a safe garden away from any busy roads. He is also wary of children after being mistreated by them previously so a home without children would be best. If you have space for this lovely lad in your family you will gain a wonderful friend for life. If you would like to meet Stefan please fill out the adoption enquiry form.


Meet Hope. Hope came to us just days before giving birth to her 2 kittens Hope & Leo when she was only a kitten herself! She’s been an excellent mummy to her kittens & now she’s finished her mum duties it’s her time now. Hope is just the sweetest cat you could ever meet. She’s an absolute angel & has been no trouble at all. She’s very affectionate, friendly & is fantastic with children. She loves to play with all her toys & LOVES catnip. Hope is approx 11-12 months old. She likes other cats & gets on with her fosterers 2 female cats. Hope has such a loving & gentle nature, she would suit a family home with sensible children perfectly. She’s not been tested with dogs but she’s a confident girl & with slow introductions it’s rarely a problem. 


This gorgeous boy is Domino. Approximately 9-12 months old. He is lovely, so friendly & chatty. He chirrups his hello to you & the other cats, and loves to curl up on your knee or chest & be snuggled til he falls asleep. He LOVES to play with his favourite toys & is a real sweetheart. He will make the perfect addition to any family. He will need a garden to play out in when he is ready so needs a home away from busy or main roads. If you would like a meet & greet with this loveable little boy then please fill out the adoption enquiry form.


Say hello to Eric. This handsome boy is around 4 years old & is big and cuddly! He is quite shy with new people & it takes time to gain his trust. If you want an instantly friendly cat he’s not your boy BUT if you are willing to give him time & build his confidence then you will have a best friend for life. Once Eric knows you he loves fuss, cuddles, kneading his paws on you while putting his heart out & upon occasion sneaking a bit of sour cream from the kitchen when his foster mums back was turned! He does have a sensitive tummy so will need Felix original in jelly as this agrees with him best. If you think you could give this wonderful boy a chance then please fill out our adoption enquiry form.


Meet Meeka. This beautiful girl is approximately 1-2 years old & came her after her owner could no longer care for her. She’s a beautiful princess & is a very lovely girl who loves her strokes & fusses. She’s fine with sensible children, can live with one other cat but isn’t keen on dogs. She would like access to a safe garden when she’s ready to go out. If you’d like to meet Meeka then please fill out the adoption enquiry form.