The Cat House Rescue is run entirely by un paid volunteers. We receive no local or government funding, so we rely entirely on donations from the public to keep our doors open & to carry on saving these cats lives.

We are a brand new rescue so we are starting small and with very little working capital, but this is a service desperately needed so we are asking for the public’s help.

It costs £155 for basic vet care to get these cats ready for adoption. Most cats need dental work costing an additional £250-350, if a cat comes in with cat flu or even minor injuries it will cost an additional £50-100 to treat. Overnight hospital care is £50 a night and that’s BEFORE they even do anything.FIV/FELV tests costs us £50 and £180 if we need to do full bloods. Most of the cats coming into us have had very hard lives and have injuries and flu from the life on the streets so our vet bills add up quick. On top of the eye watering vet bills we also have the day to day running costs of food and litter, plus the hidden costs like petrol and purchasing cleaning supplies.

For cats like Angus here we are often their last chance of survival. Angus was living on the streets scavenging for food for months before we rescued him. It was only because of the public’s help that we were able to save Angus’s life.

So often we see people turn away thinking someone else will come along and help, but more often than not that someone else never comes.

At The Cat House we have the ability to help these cats, but what we struggle with is the massive vet bills. That’s where you can help them.

If you can donate as little as £5 to help save these boys lives and put a stop to their suffering by giving them a warm place to stay with TLC, a bed and food while they find their forever home it all adds up and makes a HUGE difference to these boys. It really is a team effort. Together we CAN make a difference.

Angus on the day of his rescue
Charlie, dumped in a carrier back in hedges with his siblings. Charlie was the only survivor.

You can donate via the pay pal button below.

Alternatively you can send us food from our Amazon wish list.

You can also help raise money for FREE by shopping through our easy fundraising link. Just set your chosen charity to The Cat House Rescue.

Whatever you are able to give truly makes a massive difference to the lives of cats.
Thank you!